Review! | Falling under (Falling Under #1)

Overall Rating: ★★


Book Details:

Name: Falling Under

Series: Falling Under (book 1)

Author: Gwen Hayes

Genre: YA, Paranormal Fantasy, Romance

Publication: 2011

Pages: 336


It only takes a moment to fall…….

Falling under is a beautifully chosen title. Of course now you are wondering what Theia is falling under to be chosen as a book title…

picture4Theia Maderson has always led a sheltered life, not allowed the same freedom as the rest of the teenagers. But when a handsome boy appears in the hall of her school, she realizes that he is the same boy she had been dreaming of for a while. Failing under was not her choice, but after she discovers what Haden truly’s like, Theia’s is not sure she wants to resist him-even if the cost is her soul.

Falling under is one of my favorite books. I got addicted to this book since I first read the blurb. It isn’t a really well known book and I couldn’t find reviews written by my favorite bloggers. So here I am telling you all that this book is a must to read if you’re a fan of fictional romance. I was attracted to the book since the first page and the more I read the more I wanted from this book.


And here are some appealing quotes from the book.

“What do your kind need, Haden?” The air was so thick, like it was humid with meaning instead of moisture.

Haden stroked my cheek lightly, his gentleness contrasting with his dangerous words. “Our power is fed by your kind. Your energy … your essence … eventually, your soul.”

His magic, what he called the Lure, ribboned around me, smooth as satin yet taut and strong. I rested my cheek in his hand and breathed in the temptation he offered, my essence no longer my concern. When Haden touched me, I felt a peace I’d never known before. I suppose there were worse ways to go, yet it rankled that I was neither the first nor the last for him. That I was simply one of the masses and not special.


Hope you like my first book review  (this is my first time to write a book review ever), so I’m not sure if it was good enough or not (hope it was everything is worth a try, anyway). Please tell me in the comments below  🙂



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