Review! | Where We Were (Four Of A Kind #0.5)

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆


Book Details:

Name: Where We Were (56 pages)

Series: Four of a Kind

Author: Kellie Sheridan

Genre & Targeted Audience: Women’s Fiction (Teen & YA)

Pub Date & Publisher: 06 Dec 2016, Patchwork Press

Source: Thanks to Netgally & Patchwork Press, I was able to download this free ebook from Netgalley and voluntarily decided to review it.


I was initially searching about this book’s sequel (Four Of A Kind) but then noticed the publisher’s note to read this novella first.

This book focuses on those identical quadruplets -the odds of this happening is 1 in 13 million- who after spending almost their whole lives in the city, are forced to go back to the town where they were born, Fairview, after their mother gets a better job there with this large house. It shows us their immediate reactions to the announcement and how their thoughts changes a bit when they’ve had the time to really think about it.


Starting with the positives, the characters were very well built and every girl was special in her own way. The names were a little overwhelming at first with them all starting with a R, but they got distinguishable soon enough. I hope the novella was a little longer so we could get to actually know the sisters and care for them, though.

The thoughts at the beginning of each chapter is a brilliant idea. Makes us know what the sisters think of each other and not just what they think of themselves. The writing style is simple yet delivers the idea.


The only thing that really annoyed me was their behaviour. Everything in the story implies they are much older than 16 year, 18 even, but then it gets mentioned that they’re 14 and I’m like…..wait what? They don’t act like 14 year old teens.




Since I enjoyed this book, I’m really looking forward to read the sequel, Four of a  Kind. It’s on my TBR list when it gets published in 04 Jan 2017.






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