Review! | Tommy Hopps and the Aztecs




Name: Tommy Hopps and the Aztecs: (A Time Travel Adventure)  (310 pages)

Author: Vic Connor

Genre & Targeted Audience: Science Fiction, Time Travel (Middle Grade)

Pub Date & Publisher: 27 Dec 2016, Helvetic House

Source: Thanks to Netgally & Helvetic House, I was able to download this free ebook from Netgalley and voluntarily reviewed it.


Well, more of a mini-review, actually. I have finished this book for a week now and just had time to write a review. My exams are next week and I’m entering this panic level where I have to finish a semester’s worth of studying in two days. Anyway, here’s the goodreads synopsis then I’ll proceed to say what appealed to me in this book and what didn’t.


“When he takes a family vacation to Mexico City, Tommy Hopps is just a normal, fourteen-year-old kid — but that’s all about to change.

Sleeping soundly in his family’s hotel room, Tommy is awoken by a ghostly presence: a threadbare pirate. When the unusual intruder attacks his parents, Tommy fights back … and gets transported to the Aztec Empire in the year 1521.

He finds himself all alone in a strange world. Bizarrely, a few Aztecs seem to recognize him — as someone else. Pursued by warriors, strange creatures, and a mysterious woman who claims to be his wife, Tommy must rely on himself to survive while searching for a way to return to the present.

Can he return to his own time to save his parents? Why was he taken back in time to witness an ancient civilization soon to be destroyed? And could there be more to his identity than he himself knows?” -Goodreads Synopsis


First of all, this book was just AMAZING. When I first read the title of the book I didn’t know what or who in hell were the Aztecs (though I understood they must be some ancient people)  and now I know what did they eat for lunch and can easily maneuver through their city. The descriptions are so vivid you can’t help but imagine every scene in this book before continuing on.

I struggled the least bit to keep my attention on the book, though I can blame on the exams. No book has ever took me a whole week to finish it. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix took me three days to complete.

Other than that, I think I would recommend this book to any middle-grade reader who enjoyed Percy Jackson. Sorry, I couldn’t review this book properly, but I’m sure you understand what a procrastinator’s life looks like just before exams.

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