Study, Eat, Sleep.. Repeat

Higher grades means you’re smarter

And to get them, you need to work harder

Study, eat and sleep, you see lightning before you hear thunder

Answer pastpapers till you develop a mental disorder

Building your personality? Learning to be happy? You have time for these later

Then when all a graduate knows is how to calculate the resistance of a wire,

Instead of how to survive in the wild, how to find water, start a fire

How to write a resume, how to act when a situation is dire

How to socialize, build relationships, be healthier

“Where did we go wrong?” you all wonder

-This is my first poem ever, so I’d genuinely appreciate a feedback. I’m not sure this is even considered a poem, but anyways, let me know you opinion 🙂


4 thoughts on “Study, Eat, Sleep.. Repeat

  1. Darn right, it’s a poem, girl! My heart hurts for all you’re doing and dealing with. Been there, done that. But I promise this: You GET IT (most don’t)! And things will be o.k. – you’ll see. Hang in there! Good always follows hard work. Always. (Maybe this post is a poem too? :-D)

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    • Wow, you actually made me feel better (that’s quite rare, let me tell you) with those magical words of you. I get it, but then what? Nothing will change. This is just a poem, a feeble effort to wise up people, but let us be real, at the end of the day it will be long forgotten, words vanished into thin air.
      If by good you mean financial stability which is what most are striving for nowadays, then I trust I’ll achieve it by hard work. If by good you mean living happily with no regrets, I can’t be very sure of that.


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