Just Be Yourself.. Right?


“Just be yourself” will advise the society, the irony

They know full well that they’re to be partially blamed for my insecurity

See, they don’t show you curves, pimples and gap teeth on the tv screen

Only tall and skinny models with thigh gaps for the whole world to see

They don’t represent people like you and me

Put my confidence to the ground, destroyed my self-esteem

I couldn’t even hold a conversation without saying sorry

Like 90 million times, apologizing for just being me

They say just be brave and gain some self-confidence

I always replied “It’s not that simple, not that easy”

Until I did it!

You know how they say fake it till you make it

For your first step, this is the key

Everyone will tell you a different definition of beauty

Not only looks, it can be be mental capacity, charm or personality

Ultimately, you, and only you get to to make your own history

So, for one day let yourself breathe, and be free

-Thank you for reading my humble poem. I’ve been playing with the idea of recording a video of myself reciting it. Shall I actually do it? I’m super nervous so let me know what you think!


Study, Eat, Sleep.. Repeat

Higher grades means you’re smarter

And to get them, you need to work harder

Study, eat and sleep, you see lightning before you hear thunder

Answer pastpapers till you develop a mental disorder

Building your personality? Learning to be happy? You have time for these later

Then when all a graduate knows is how to calculate the resistance of a wire,

Instead of how to survive in the wild, how to find water, start a fire

How to write a resume, how to act when a situation is dire

How to socialize, build relationships, be healthier

“Where did we go wrong?” you all wonder

-This is my first poem ever, so I’d genuinely appreciate a feedback. I’m not sure this is even considered a poem, but anyways, let me know you opinion 🙂